Endorsements for the Advanced Certificate in Media Literacy

 Students receive certificate at annual mass for catechists 2010

Cardinal Roger Mahony, Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels


Endorsements from Media Literacy Course participants

“This was a fantastic week. This media literacy certificate program is a must for anyone who works in church ministry. It challenged me to integrate media into my faith formation and fin ways to show others that media is a good tool when used wisely.”             –Marty, Dallas, TX

“This class has ignited by interest with very thought-provoking issues and questions. Hopefully, this will spur me on to find out more and learn more, as well as use and create more media with eyes of faith and a heart full of Jesus.”                         –Theresa Khoo, Singapore

“This course beautifully brings together the teaching of the church on media and contemporary media literacy concepts. Being mindful of the media is something we are all called to in our media culture. This institute really widened my perspective on faith and media.”  –Sr. Hosea, Los Angeles, CA

“This is a course you can’t afford to miss!  Media needs to be embedded in our evangelization.  Even “Pope 2 You” shows that the Vatican recognizes the importance of communication, especially when it comes to our digital world.  Teachers know the merits of a lesson plan that instructs through multiple intelligences.  This course unlocks the tools that are embedded in media-rich lesson plans, tools that you can use immediately.”                        –Deacon Bill, Fremont, CA

“The Media Mindfulness Course was fantastic! Comparing the different philosophies, the ongoing changes in the media and our call to make the best use of these media is very challenging to us. I recommend it 100% for teachers, ministers, parents, and all those who work in the media industry as a call to understand our mission, to use the media responsibly and impart truth, beauty and justice to a society that is thirsting for happiness.” –Sr. Barbara, Chicago, IL

“Media Literacy is a means to touch all God’s people no matter what their age or ethnic background. We are all touched by media everyday and every moment. I now have an understanding of how to utilize media to enhance awareness and foster spiritual growth among the people I serve in my ministry.”             –Terri Palmer, DRE, Culver City, CA

“An amazing experience that helped me to integrate the media culture into both my life and ministry. The quality of presentations, the pedagogy used and the constant invitation to engage and dialogue made this one of the most enjoyable, stimulating and best learning experiences I’ve ever had.”                      Sr. Marie Paul, Toronto, ON

“I’ve learned to reflect on the reality of the media culture that I live in. I’ve learned to articulate those values that guide my life as I question, analyze and evaluate the media. Media Mindfulness gives me a tool to pay attention and to ask questions.” – Teacher, Archdiocese of Los Angeles


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