Movie Bible Nights 2015



Feb 14    The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 6th Wk Ordinary Time (Gospel)

Mar 7      Secretariat                                           3rd Wk of Lent (Gospel)

Apr 11     Fault in Our Stars                             2nd Wk Easter (Gospel)

May 9     The Giver                                              6th Wk Easter (Gospel)

Jun 13    Calvary                                                   11th Wk Ordinary Time (Gospel)

Jul 11     Maleficent                                             15th Wk Ordinary Time (Gospel)

Aug 8     Trouble with the Curve                  19th Wk Ordinary Time (Gospel)

Sep 12   Transcendence                                    24th Wk Ordinary Time (Gospel)

Oct 10    Gravity                                                    28th Wk Ordinary Time (Gospel)

Nov 14   Man of Steel                                          33rd Wk Ordinary Time (Gospel)

Dec 12   Noah                                                          3rd Wk Advent (Gospel)


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